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KAVIARI CAVIAR - PremiumBottles


For over 40 years, Kaviari has selected the finest caviar directly from the farms. The caviar is brought home to Paris where it matures from 3 to 6 months. They are then packed in numbered tins. Each can is unique, it is an invitation to pleasure, the taste of a pure moment of pleasure, magical, sensual and unforgettable...

Caviar Caviar is used in more than half of the French 3-star Michelin restaurants.


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At Kaviari, the caviar is matured

The ripening process is managed by Caviar specialist Bruno Higos. He receives the delivery of the beautiful pearls and places them for storage in their cold room. Now begins the Caviar's long maturation process. Fresh Caviar is almost tasteless. A maturation process of around three months is necessary to develop its fine taste, for which Kaviari Caviar is known.

Jean Marie Pincon, president of the "Club des Goûteurs de Caviar" expressed the most perfect word: "It is the ripening process that gives Caviar its unique taste." Not least for this reason, Bruno places a lot of emphasis on the perfect ripening process. The same way winemakers do with excellent wine. And with his experience, he can determine at the right moment when the eggs have been transformed into a unique Caviar and are ready for packing in cans. When we at PremiumCaviar receive Caviar deliveries from Kaviari Paris, the Caviar is typically packed in tins the day before dispatch - matured Caviar has a shelf life of 3 months from packaging.

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We pack and deliver all orders within 1-2 business days.

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What discount can I get?

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Can I send Caviar as a gift?


All Caviar orders are packed in attractive brown thermos bags with cooling elements, which are closed with a string. This will keep the Caviar cold for up to 48 hours from dispatch.

We can decorate this thermos bag with a nice ribbon and on and off cards - choose free gift wrapping via the add to basket button.

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