Gift wrapping with ribbon and to and from card

How the product is wrapped in gift wrap can vary
This is how we wrap bottles, examples below
  • Products with gift box (left of picture)
  • Products without gift box (middle of the picture)
  • Products in small sizes (right of the picture)

You can send the gift directly to the recipient and have it wrapped and have a greeting written on the to and from the card.

In the field below, you can write your greeting, which we attach to and from the card. If there is no greeting, we simply attach a blank to and from card. Max 6 lines of text.

Remember to write on and from the card who the gift is from.

Free shipping on purchases over DKK 1,250

Free GLS delivery on orders above 165 EU

  • GLS delivery to the nearest parcel shop: 9.95 EU
    Free delivery over 165 EU
  • GLS delivery direct to the address: 13.95 EU
    Free delivery over 165 EU

We have GLS as business partner, which collects orders from us daily with expected delivery the 1-4 business days later.