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Find the best champagne for your New Year's Eve

Find den bedste champagne til din nytårsaften - PremiumBottles

Champagne is part of every New Year's Eve. The drink is so strongly associated with the turn of the year that almost 25% of all champagne is bought in the week leading up to the New Year.

The sparkling wine was first popularized among the aristocracy for weddings, royal events and other grand celebrations. By the mid-1800s, its popularity among the upper class had spread to the rest of the population.

How to choose the best champagne for your New Year's Eve


The world-famous Dom Perignon is a popular choice for the extravagant New Year's Eve

New Year's celebrations invite a little luxury. That's why champagne is often chosen over other sparkling wines when we have to celebrate the turn of the year.

If you are looking for the best champagne , whatever the occasion, you will find it at PremiumBottles. We have a large and wide selection of champagne in all price ranges, both sweet (demi-sec) and dry (Brut).

However, there are a few considerations that can help you on your way when choosing the champagne you want to welcome the new year with.

Does your champagne go well with food?

An important consideration when choosing your champagne is whether they go well with the dishes you are going to eat. Because New Year's Eve is a celebration that is largely also about food. If you are into Caviar, we recommend visiting our sister website

You can also get inspiration for the combination between Champagne and food on our blog food pairings . We have actually also made this guide, where we go into the perfect pairings of food and champagne .

When putting together your own dinner with Champagne, there are two general principles you can follow: pairing or balance.

Pairing – choose a champagne for New Year's that is reminiscent of the dish

When you pair a champagne with food, you choose a taste that is reminiscent of each other. It could, for example, be spicy food for a spicy/powerful rosé champagne or light/light food for a slightly dry champagne - eg Den Gule Enke from Veuve Clicquot .

Balance – choose a champagne for New Year's that creates contrast

You can also choose to balance the dish with champagne. In other words, one is a fresh dish for a dry Champagne. For example, if you serve oysters or other good things from the sea, it will often go well with a drier champagne from e.g. Moët & Chandon .

Vintage champagne or not for New Year's Eve?

When choosing a champagne for your New Year's Eve, you often want to go a little out of the ordinary. You can do that with a vintage champagne .

Champagne does not usually have vintages, but the major producers often select the best grapes and store them long-term for a minimum of three years to create vintage or vintage champagne. You can get vintage champagne in all three grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier.

Vintage champagne often has a fuller and rounder taste with distinct flavor notes. It will typically be possible to smell and almost taste the area it originates from.

In order not to diminish the champagne's flavor impression, we recommend that you only drink vintage champagne together with relatively simple dishes. Otherwise, you risk being overwhelmed by the individual flavors and sensory impressions.

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