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How to choose your next Moët & Chandon champagne

Sådan vælger du din næste Moët & Chandon champagne - PremiumBottles

When a good dinner or party is to be held or simply in connection with a completely third occasion, it can often include a good bottle of champagne. We value that at PremiumBottles, which is why we give you here the guide to Moët & Chandon , which is one of the most popular champagnes on a global level. However, it can also be difficult to choose exactly which one suits the special event. We help you with that in this guide!

What is champagne?

Most people are probably aware of what champagne is and what it consists of. But it is important to state that not all sparkling wines can be classified as champagne.

Champagne has four special characteristics:

The story of Moët & Chandon Champagne

" Driven by its pioneering spirit, Moët & Chandon has always produced a Champagne with an inimitable identity ", says the champagne house itself. Since 1743, Moët & Chandon has presented innovative champagnes from generation to generation. The Champagne house owns the largest area of ​​vineyards in the area, Champagne, where champagne is produced from more than 1190 hectares. This area stretches over 28 kilometers, making Möet & Chandon one of the world's largest champagne houses.

The founder, Claude Moët, began producing and shipping his champagne after an increased need from King Louis XV of France. The king wanted sparkling wine, and then the demand increased among nobles and aristocrats. A century later, the champagne house also became the royal court supplier for Queen Elisabeth the Second of Great Britain. This was the starting point for Moët & Chandon, which today stands behind one of the world's most loved champagnes.

Which varieties of Moët & Chandon champagne does PremiumBottles offer?

Moët & Chandon offers many different varieties and vintages of their champagnes. This also means that there is plenty to choose from, which in turn can become quite confusing when you have to choose your champagne for the next event. To simplify the Moët & Chandon products we offer, below we will review some of the different flavors PremiumBottles can proudly offer. PremiumBottles can offer an incredible number of variants, which both differentiate themselves across vintages and flavours. Our entire selection can be seen here.

The different flavors

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial

This is Moët's classic signature champagne, which is very suitable as an aperitif before the meal or with fish and shellfish. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for Asian food.

It is also the perfect welcome drink, as it has a rich taste that most people in the company will typically love. Moët Brut Imperial is a traditional champagne with lots of flavor and fullness, which fits perfectly into any type of event.

Moët & Chandon ICE Imperial

This champagne is the first champagne specially made to be enjoyed over ice. It therefore gives a completely new aspect to enjoying the champagne, which still retains the Moët & Chandon style and taste. In terms of taste, it is quite fruity with a touch of strawberry, raspberry and gooseberry. This makes the champagne quite suitable for the warm months, when it is also incredibly refreshing to serve it over ice. In addition, the ICE variant is available in Rosé, which is perhaps even more suitable for the warm summer evening. The taste ends here with a delicious touch of pink grapefruit, which creates a completely unique expression.

Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial

The champagne is a very dynamic and seductive champagne, which is particularly suitable for lamb and sushi. In addition, it can be drunk as an aperitif and welcome drink, and the champagne is simply quite characteristic. In particular, it has prominent aromas of currants and wild strawberries, and the taste is very soft and fruity.

Moët & Chandon Nectar Imperial

Another variant is Nectar, which should mainly be drunk for the welcome or for dessert. It is somewhat sweeter, but nevertheless a fantastic champagne. It goes exceptionally well with the cheese board, various desserts or fruit. This is a seductive champagne with aromas of pear and apricot.

Order your next Moët & Chandon champagne at PremiumBottles

We can offer an incredibly wide range of the delicate champagnes from Moët & Chandon, and we offer quite competitive prices. You can see the entire range right here, and you should always feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the products or something else entirely. We hope that this guide could help you find exactly which champagne is right for your event. We look forward to serving you.

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