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Hammer & Son Geranium London Dry Gin 55 70 cl.


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Gin with power and weight
Geranium Gin with 55% alcohol came to the world in 2014, as a celebration of Geranium Gin's 5 years on the market. This is the stronger version of the original Geranium Gin and holds 55% alcohol strength. This means that this is a gin that really has the power and weight to make itself eminent in gin and tonics or cocktails such as a Dry Martini. All the traditional notes from Geranium Gin get a boost due to the higher alcohol percentage.

Focus on the ingredients
In addition to geranium and juniper, the ingredient list includes lemon peel, orange peel, licorice root, cassia bark, angelica root, orris root and coriander seeds. This gives the opportunity to serve the perfect Geranium Gin & Fever Tree tonic with, for example, orange peel as decoration.

The story
Not so long ago, a chemist and his gin enthusiast son decided they wanted to make the best gin ever. The goal was to create a gin that was dry and at the same time aromatic so that it would work both with mixers such as tonic and vermouth, but also with fresher mixers such as juices, berries and other fruits. From the beginning, they knew that a certain type of geranium flower could add the qualities they wanted to the gin, while also going well with the obligatory juniper berries.

Hammer & Son Geranium London Dry Gin 55 70 cl.

€63,95 EUR

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