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What food should you eat with champagne?

Hvilken mad skal du spise til champagne? - PremiumBottles

When you think of champagne and food, it is most often thought of as a welcome drink for the snack or when toasting the Queen's New Year's speech. Unfortunately, champagne is not always considered for anything else, although it compliments many other types of food.

So if you're looking for inspiration on how champagne can play a bigger role when you cook, read on. We have put together a guide that makes it easier for you to navigate what to eat with your newly purchased bottle of champagne.

There is almost always an opportunity to serve a glass of good champagne. Explore our large selection of champagne and find the bottle that suits you.

Champagne for food - What do you serve with different types of champagne?

Champagne comes in many different styles and degrees of dryness, which means that there are many options in relation to serving it with food. But just like with ordinary wine, having to say what type of champagne you intend to pour into the glass has a lot to do with figuring out what food to serve with the champagne.

Therefore, below we review what kind of food would be appropriate to serve with different types of champagne.

Food that goes with a classic dry champagne

A classic dry brut champagne is delicious and enchanting on its own, but if you pair it correctly with food, it can transform into an even better version of itself.

Because the champagne is dry, it is good with all dishes that are salty and powerful. Therefore, the classic brut champagne can be suitably paired with food such as:

  • Steak
  • White truffle
  • Citrus

A good bottle of dry champagne also goes well with deep-fried food. It can be shrimp, chicken or squid. Here, the champagne takes the top off the heavy feeling that food might give, and therefore acts as a pallet cleaner between each bite.

What do you serve with sweet champagne?

You can easily pull out the sweet champagne when you get to dessert. Here you can serve the champagne with food such as panna cotta or fruit tarts. Sweet champagne also pairs extremely well with shortbread biscuits and cheesecakes.

The sweet champagne must of course also be served with the New Year's wreath cake. The sweet notes in the champagne go perfectly with the sweetness that is also in the wreath cake. If you've had a bad experience with champagne and wreath cake, it was probably because a dry champagne was served. Because when you serve a dry brut champagne with this type of sweet food, the champagne can seem sour.

That is why you should always go for a sweet champagne when it is to be served with wreath cake.

What do you eat with a Blanc de Blancs champagne?

If you have acquired a Blanc de Blancs champagne, do not pair it with overly powerful food. Therefore, it is especially complimented by the following:

  • Caviar
  • Oyster
  • Light fish
  • Lobster
  • Prawns

The fresh and mineral notes of green apples and citrus that Blanc de Blancs possesses go excellently with almost all seafood.

Oysters and champagne are also a very familiar flavor combination. The acidity and bubbles of the champagne give life to the texture of the oyster.

Champagne for New Year's snacks

No New Year without champagne. Champagne is an especially popular drink when you serve snacks or apéretifs to your guests. And we understand that! The champagne goes fantastically well with your favorite New Year's snacks.

The champagne harmonizes particularly well with salty snacks, such as:

  • Bread sticks with a dip, maybe an olive tapenade
  • Chips or popcorn
  • Hard cheeses, such as pecorino or cheddar

Champagne also goes well with the brunch table

The champagne does not always need to be opened until evening. You can easily add a good bottle of champagne to the brunch table. Many will quickly think of mimosas - where you pour a bit of orange juice into a glass of champagne to spice up the brunch atmosphere a bit.

A glass of champagne will go great with a plate of blinis, salmon and caviar - or with pancakes with fruit and ricotta, and even a portion of eggs benedict. Get more inspiration for a good champagne brunch here .

The champagne is the final touch and can make even a boring Monday menu extravagant. Treat yourself and those you care about to a little luxury at PremiumBottles.

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