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Leitz Sparkling Eins Zwei Zero Rosé 75 cl. Non-alcoholic


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Trustpilot 4.9 out of 5.0

"It's just before you can't taste that it's an alcohol-free wine. That's how close we are to it tasting like a well-made sparkling rosé. A real breakthrough for the quality of alcohol-free wines. 5 big stars." - Winelab

Leitz Sparkling Rosé Eins Zwei Zero is something as rare as a non-alcoholic wine that actually tastes like wine. Leitz Sparkling Rosé is made from Merlot, Portugieser and Pinot Noir, and undergoes gentle de-alcoholization via vacuum distillation, preserving as much flavor and character from the grapes as possible. Although non-alcoholic alternatives do not have the depth and weight that we know from "real" wine, Eins Zwei Zero is both fresh, crisp and mouth-watering, with a light sweetness balanced by a great acidity - so it doesn't feel like anything is missing here . The wine has approximately 50 grams of residual sugar per liter.

Colour : Delicate salmon colour
Smell : Fruity scent of rosehip, lemon peel and raspberry.
Tasting notes : Fresh and slightly sweet with notes of wild strawberries and rose hips.

Serving suggestion : Perfect as an aperitif.

Leitz Sparkling Eins Zwei Zero Rosé 75 cl. Non-alcoholic

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