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Noughty Syrah Alcohol-free 75 cl.


Trustpilot 4.9 out of 5.0

Delicate and well-balanced alcohol-free red wine. Deep red color with notes of ripe red fruit, black pepper, dried rose petals, cherries and a very light finish.

Noughty Rouge is made from Syrah grapes from the Darling region of South Africa. The vineyards benefit from the cool winds from the Atlantic Ocean that take the peak of the temperature and thus ensure fresh grapes with a good level of acidity, which is so important to maintain a fresh note in alcohol-free wines.

The wine is de-alcoholized by gently evacuating the wine under vacuum at a low temperature, the weight of the alcohol molecule makes it possible to suck it out of the wine.

This gentle process ensures that the wine retains its fresh acidity with color, body and full flavor intact.

Noughty Rouge contains just 14 calories per glass and 2.5 grams of sugar per 100 ML.

Alcohol percentage: 0.5%

Noughty Syrah Alcohol-free 75 cl.

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