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Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1995 70 cl. 43% with gift box

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Distilled in the spring of 1995, this luxurious and creamy Grand Vintage Malt is just the sixth vintage whiskey from Glenmorangie.

It belongs to the product line that they call "Prestige Expressions", and this is where Glenmorangie's Master Distillers and their teams are allowed to strive for perfection to finally show us what we dare to call the culmination of their art.

We speak in the plural because it is such a long creation process that it is rarely the same Master Distiller who is allowed to oversee both the distillation and the final selection of the casks, which are put together to form a Whiskey for discerning connoisseurs.

The whiskey is distilled in Glenmorangie's giraffe tall stills, which are copies of the long-necked design that was brought over from John Taylor's Gin distillery way back in 1887.

These are necks that are almost 8 meters high, which makes the plant the tallest in Scotland, and the remarkable thing is that, despite the success and the expansion, Glenmorangie has chosen to maintain the original size, in order to protect the "soul" of the distillery.

After that, it is maturing exclusively in new specially designed oak barrels from slow-growing American white oak from north-facing slopes in Missouri with a particularly porous structure that increases the synergy between oak and spirits. At the same time, the Whiskey is aged on the spot on the ground, and on racks in moist so-called "dunnage" warehouses to increase the oxidative notes, while the more lush fruit as well as the notes of honey, mint, vanilla, crème brûlée and dark chocolate slowly develop.

A deeply concentrated and subtle Whiskey which, after more than 23 years of patient maturation, appears infinitely rounded and still wonderfully fruity and flowery.

Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1995 70 cl. 43% with gift box

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